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Vegetarian Roti Making

Come out and have a night of fun, doing something that you love.

Come and experience the making of  Trinidad East Indian Flavors
If you've ever wanted to make Trinidad style Rotis, then this hands-on class is for you:
I'll take you through the essential techniques of kneading, rolling, filling, and making roti dough .
Our Roti will melt in your mouth, if you love Rotis and do not know how to make them, this class is a must.

We'll make Trinidad most famous Roti starting with the Dhalpourie and Curry Fillings.
Curry Fillings may include all of the list below and/or more;

Chick Peas and Potato
Mango Anchar or Kuchella
Spicy Pumpkin Puree
Sauteed Spinach with garlic and onions

Even if you've never tried Curry and Roti, then this is the time to get your tastebud going and come and experiment with Caribbean Style Roti and Curry Fillings.

This Class is a must for all  Roti Lovers AND Lovers of Caribbean style food.

Come on in and register for this class today! You will not regret it !

I promise you an evening full of laughter and fun while making good Caribbean Rotis


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